What goes into a perfect consultation?  First we want to hear from you, and what your expectations are.  Some clients bring in photos, or pencil in their brows to show what they are used to. Usually it is enough to describe what you want, or just leave it to us.

We then take our own brow pencil, and DRAW the brow on your face.  We draw each stroke and both brows so you can see the overall effect and balance.  This is very important.  And if you are doing a consult elsewhere, insist on the specialist drawing BOTH brows and drawing each stroke.  If they can’t do it with a brow pencil, they certainly won’t be able to do it with the microblading tool!  

Every face is structured differently, and so every brow is different too.

We also discuss color, what is most appropriate for your hair color and skin tone/ undertone.

And we review the entire procedure, and answer any questions.  The whole consult usually takes 30 minutes.

We love doing consults– when clients see what is possible, the excitement is palpable!