Alpharetta Beauty Bar Can You Update My Old Brow Tattoo?

Can You Update My Old Brow Tattoo?

The term “brow tattoo” seems so dated now, and really techniques and pigments and tools and after-care have improved significantly over the past years.  We do get clients who had permanent makeup done quite a bit of time ago, using tattoo machines.  Pigment sometimes is still very much visible, and often the color has changed, or the strokes have “spread” to big blocks, or their facial structure has changed and now the brows are visibly lopsided.  They are dissatisfied with what they see and are looking for options!

We can’t change what is already there. You have 2 options: 1.None Laser Tattoo Removal Or 2. if your old tattoo faded more than %70 we can use Microblading/Microshading over and around the existing work to refresh it or to hide it.  We can add individual strokes over a faded tattoo, so the effect looks like brow powder under brow hairs.  We can even change the brow shape, by adding strokes to key areas, like the arch and tail.